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Middle Earth Box

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{*Please note: These boxes come with domestic free shipping! Please order these boxes by themselves in order to receive this benefit. Anything else you'd like to order should be placed separately.}

Adventure through the trials and tribulations of Middle Earth with this unique box of scents.

These boxes aim to transport you to fictional settings, each scent adding a nostalgic layer to the atmosphere of the places they represent. 

This box is inspired by the diverse word of Middle Earth and carries four uniquely blended 3.5 oz candles inspired by landmarks throughout. All the artwork and labels placed on both the box and the candles are cut, hand-crafted, and applied carefully, making each box one-of-a-kind. 

The candles are made using 100% soy wax in beautiful, heavy-duty matte black jars with cotton core wicks and are topped with a cork lid that is affixed with a hand-stamped wax seal. 

The scents in Middle Earth are:

1. The Shire: Take a stroll through green clover as apples ripen in a distant orchard to fill the pies that cool in neighboring windows. This candle allows the sun to shine on fresh shorn grass in the safety of the Shire. 

2. Mount Doom: Watch your footing when lighting this candle, as it may invoke the image of smoke, flame, and molten lava just waiting for you to take a wrong step.

3. Rivendell: Misting waterfalls. Hanging orchids. Delicately carved teakwood. Visit the majesty of Rivendell when lighting this candle.

4. Mirkwood: Delve deep into the depths of Mirkwood with notes of balsam, peppercorn, amber, and spice. 

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    Middle Earth Box
    Middle Earth Box
    Middle Earth Box
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    How Do You Ship Orders?

    I take great care in making sure that all candles reach their forever homes in perfect condition. Each candle is wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap to protect both the labels and the glass. I also insulate the package very well with either peanuts or packing paper.

    I ship everything via USPS Priority {domestic} or First Class {international}. I also use UPS depending on the weight and dimensions of your order.

    If you receive your candle in less than perfect condition, be sure to contact me immediately at I can send you a new candle or refund your purchase entirely. 

    How Long Does It Take to Receive My Order?

    Current processing time is 3-6 business days {Monday - Friday, excluding holidays}. Some orders may ship much sooner, but as most candles are made-to-order, I appreciate your patience! If you need something rushed, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email at

    What If My Items Arrive Damaged?

    Unfortunately, it happens. I do my best to package everything to the max, but mail services can be rough on packages.

    If this happens to you, snap a quick shot of the damage and packaging and email me at I will replace all damaged items!