Do you have an abundance of empty candle jars from Get Fictional? If so, first of all, I want to thank you for your amazing support of this small business!! Second of all, I want to offer you a place to send those empty jars in return for points in the rewards program! 

Sign up for the rewards program by visiting getfictional.com and clicking “Earn Rewards” in the bottom left right corner of the page. You can earn points simply by opening an account, liking Get Fictional’s social media pages, making purchases, or referring friends. As your points add up, they can be converted into coupons to use towards future purchases!

Each jar, depending on the size, is worth a certain amount of points (see the chart below). You can send the jars to:

Get Fictional LLC
13917 Dolphin Drive
Willis, TX 77318


Also, be sure to fill out the form below and send it along with your jars. It only asks for your name and the email address associated with your rewards account so I can add the points accordingly! (If you’re unable to print the form, you can write the information and send it along. Whatever works for you!)




—Please make sure that the jars are packaged well. If they arrive broken, I will not be able to offer any points.

—There’s no need to clean them up. Simply send them as is! I’ll do the rest!

—I’ll send you an email to the address given once I receive the jars and add your points.