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Wick Trimming

Keep all wood wicks trimmed to approximately 1/8 inch. Use a wick trimmer or, as I like to do, simply break off the burnt edges {gently!} before each relight.

Trim cotton wicks to 1/4 inch. 

Melt Pool

Allow the melt pool to reach all the way across the surface to avoid tunneling. 


All Gone

When your candle burns down to around 1/4 inch, don't light it anymore! You may end up with a shattered glass jar. Instead, visit again for a new scent! 


Burn Time

Don't burn your candle for more than four hours at a time. 


Be Safe!

Keep your candle away from drafts and always place it in a spot away from other items. Keep it out of reach of small hands and curious pets - the flame causes the glass to get quite warm! 



Store your candle in a cool, dry place. Put the lid back on to avoid dust buildup. 

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