Stories take us beyond our own reality, throwing us into adventures, romances, thrilling rides, or spine-tingling horrors. The characters come to life within us, thriving on our emotions, allowing us to live a million different lives. As story lovers, our greatest desire is to be transported to our favorite fictions again and again, and that is the goal of Get Fictional. The sense of smell is a powerful thing, and it goes hand in hand with memories and emotions, so we strive to bring those fictional worlds to light with our soy candles. All you have to do is strike a match.

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September: Halloween

First of all, what is the "Candle of the Month?" It's FREE candles!! ... Okay, to be more specific, it's a monthly giveaway we hold here at Get Fictional. That's still pretty cool though, right? We showcase a specific scent each month and giveaway a 9oz version of that scent to one lucky winner! All you have to do is click here and enter!

September's Candle of the Month is Halloween! This candle is reminiscent of All Hallow's Eve night with the scents of caramel almonds, spooky spices such as bay leaf, cloves & cinnamon, and smoky amber.

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Lakeside Reading

Lakeside Reading has a special place in my heart because it's my absolute favorite thing to do. I live near a lake, and while it's peaceful in itself, there's nothing quite like the quiet reflection of the trees off the water and the sound of nature surrounding you while you read. This candle is earthy and fresh with notes of spiced earth, sweet dew, and white florals.